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Family constellations – a very powerful, enlightening and revealing approach of family therapy, developed by Bert Hellinger.
To begin with, family constellations are an accelerator of awareness. They show the hidden dynamics that create obstacles in our lives. This type of therapy does not work on mind level but on the level of our emotions and subconsciousness. It bring into the light the main energy currents existing in the family consciousness.
Additionally, the family memory influences us more than we can imagine. We belong to our family system and we share the unconscious dynamics. When in a family system there is a disorder such as: abuse, exclusion, abortion, migration, miscarriage, murder, etc. an imbalance is created. Moreover it is transmitted to the future generations. Due to the ‘invisible family loyalty’ identifications and systemic implications occur among the descendants.
To start with, the constellations aim to restore the order in the family system. To fix the proper place for everyone as well. Furthermore to bring to light the unconscious functioning modes that repeatedly cause tragic conflicts and situations such as:
– inability to form a stable couple, dissatisfaction in intimate relationships
– to find its place in society
– professional problems
– serial bankruptcies, lack of money
– suicide
– abuse
– health problems – chronic pain, illness
– mental disorders
– emotional problems – anguish, depression, anxiety etc.
– all kinds of addictions (alcohol, drugs, bulimia)
– problematic relationships with family members – parents, children, siblings etc.
– difficulty communicating
– all about your personality
In the first place we can work together in a group or in individual sessions. We will identify the obstacles which prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Painful repetitive scenarios will be put to end.
It is a solution-oriented process (Ericksonian hypnosis is the closest comparison).
In fact, no prior preparation is necessary. We will work on what you determine to be a priority for you.
Concerning the group sessions:
A session of family constellations takes place in confidence. First, the client makes his request in a clear and precise manner. In addition, he focuses on his objective; on a concrete result.
Then he chooses representatives among the participants, including one who will represent him. Afterwards he places them in the field, in silence. The client remains a witness to the movements and the feelings that the representatives show. The representatives don’t know anything about the people they represent. A phenomenon occurs: the representatives who are in “the morphogenetic field” spontaneously adopt the voice, vocabulary, gestures of the person that they embody.
In reality these perceptions correspond to the relational dynamics of the family members, living or dead, of the client’s family system. It is a setting of the family image that the client carries within himself. Thus the first setting reflects the way he perceives the situation.
In the end, the customer is asked to take his place in the constellation and absorb the new vision, the new feelings.
Actually, there are three ways in which family constellations work for you:
1. You can simply watch the constellations of other participants.
2. As a representative in a constellation.
3. To make a request yourself.
As for the private sessions:
The individual sessions take place in a similar manner as in a group session. I meet with the client and together we create the “morphogenetic field” of his family system using figurines.
In fact, the only way to understand family constellations is to participate. Nothing replaces the personal experience (either as a client or as a representative)!
“Making a constellation is the greatest gift of love that we can afford…”
The choice is in our hands!