Family constellations

Family constellations

The Origins of Family constellations

Family constellations, a powerful, illuminating and revelatory therapeutical method, have existed for centuries in all traditions. It is said that this knowledge and this know-how would go back to the Samarian culture which dates back more than 6000 years before our era.

A culture that spread from southern Afghanistan to India, north to Siberia, east to China, and west to Europe.

It used to be called a Movements of the soul. And these have been adapted for Western audience, and they are now called Family constellations.

In the last century, in the mid-1950s, these methods came out of schools of wisdom, temples, monasteries and they were offered to humanity, to bring a remedy to the troubled times that we are going through.

Also, modern therapists, anthropologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, researchers, have developed therapeutic techniques issued from this traditional knowledge, such as:

  • Fritz Perls and GESTALT Therapy,
  • Moreno and Psychodrama,
  • The Family restructuring work of Virginia Satire,
  • The Psychogenealogy of Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger,
  • The System of organizations according to Grochowiak and Weber,
  • The Structural constellations of Matthias Varga Von Kibed and Inssa Sparrer

And Bert Hellinger is considered in the West as the father of contemporary Family constellations, because he is one of those who made this work known to the public in a remarkable way.

For the more traditional approaches of Dervish constellations, the most common in the West, Idris Lahore is the depositary of the dervishes Hakims of Kafiristan and of Taoist traditions as well.


Understanding Dervish Constellations

Usually, we think that what happens to us is our doing, or our fault, or is related to our personal past. However, the Family constellations frequently show us that when we do what we do not want to do, or when we do not do what we would like to do, it is often not our fault, but rather linked to the influence of other members of our family system, through what they have done or neglected to do. It may be a deceased ancestor, whom we have never known. This is called being entangled with a member of your family system.

According to ancient knowledge, 7 generations of ancestors live in the human body and soul.

Family memory influences us more than we imagine. We belong to a family system whose unconscious we share. When a family system experiences a serious significant event (abuse, exclusion, abortion, migrations, miscarriages, murder, etc.) an imbalance is created within the system, and it passes on to subsequent generations. By “invisible family loyalty” identifications and systemic entanglements occur in the descendants.

However, it is difficult to observe these subtle influences directly in the family. But this is often the cause of serious bodily illnesses, such as cancer, or psychological disorders such as depression, or even accidents, repetitive failures, recurring difficulties, in family, professional and social level and this despite our pragmatic good sense, our good heart or our intelligence. It is imposed on us.

One method to highlight these influences in our family system is the practice of Family constellations, which make visible what was an invisible movement.

Systemic work takes place in two stages. The first is to unmask the hidden influences and dynamics within our family system that are causing our problems. The second is to find a better solution to the existing problem.

This work initiates a therapeutic process of healing or liberation, both for the client and for all members of his system related to his problem, and this as off the end of the constellation. This movement can extend up to a period of two years.

The constellations aim to restore order in the family system, to put everyone in their rightful place, to highlight unconscious modes of functioning that repeatedly lead to conflicts and difficult situations such as:

  • Inability to form a stable couple, dissatisfaction in intimate relationships
  • Inability to find one’s place in society, relational difficulties
  • Professional issues
  • Serial bankruptcies, lack of money
  • Inability to find your right place
  • Self-sabotage
  • Health issues – chronic pain, burnout, fatigue, illnesses, etc.
  • Emotional problems – anxiety, depression, aggression, anxiety, shyness, etc.
  • All kinds of addictions (alcohol, drugs, bulimia)
  • Conflicts and problematic relationships

Together, in a group or in an individual session, we will identify the obstacles that prevent you from living your life fully and we will put an end to painful repetitive scenarios.

This process does not in any way replace psychotherapy or any other treatment, but it is complementary work. It is at a level of therapy that is above the level of psychological therapy.

In psychotherapy, we often work to balance a person, his personality and his individual subconscious. In a Dervish family constellation, we balance the whole family system of which you are a full member.

How Much Family constellations Cost?

Individual session
90 €
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+ preparatory interview 50 euros

Family constellations FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Family constellations

“Unresolved traumas from past generations must be brought to light.
As long as they remain buried in the pain of silence that surrounds them,
fears and feelings that don’t belong to us can appear in our lives – and we will think they are ours.”
Mark Wolynn

If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Family Constellations are a powerful alternative therapeutic method to transform your relationship with your family, work, health, money and life.

Family Constellations are an effective way to transform what is holding you back so that you can live your life from your greatest potential. They help to reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship and to remove the blockages affecting your relationships, finances, profession and health so you are free to live the fulfilling life you were really meant to live.

You can work on an existing problem within a group or in an individual session.

In a group:

A person from the group who wishes to work on something briefly mentions the issue to the constellator. The person chooses members of the group (whom he doesn’t know) to represent different family members, or the issue itself, or related components, in order to uncover the hidden dynamics behind it.

The client sits down and there something quite astonishing happens. The representatives begin to perceive physical sensations, impressions, emotions, even thoughts which do not belong to them, but which belong to the family members of the client.

This is called having representative perceptions. This is a natural faculty that we all have as human beings, and which is linked to the existence of mirror neurons in our brain and glial cells in our nervous system.


Mirror neurons or glial cells

This is what allows us to resonate, to empathize with other people and their environment. We do it spontaneously every day without realizing it.

For example, it is when a mother wakes up at 5 a.m., and she knows that her child has had an accident. Or the phone ringing and it’s your best friend you were thinking of, etc.

In the Family constellations, the same perceptions are manifested through the representatives. This highlights the cause of our client’s problem and helps bring to light what is not known consciously.

And the role of the constellator is to uncover the hidden dynamiques and to guide the whole constellation towards a better solution, using replacement and healing soul sentences (and among the dervishes, the constellator relies as well on the Science of placement and the Science of impressions).

If at the end of the constellation, each of the representatives feels good in their place and in the eyes of our client, we know that a better solution has been found and is taking place as off the end of the constellation of our client.


There are three ways the Family constellations work for you in a group session:

1. You can attend simply by watching the constellations of the other participants

What happens is that the work of others inevitably affects you and as a result something changes, an understanding comes to light.

2. As a representative in a constellation

The roles you represent, in some way, are always personally connected to you. You are not chosen by chance. Often your experience in a role can be very intense and liberating.

3. Constellate an existing issue yourself

This will allow you to find solutions adapted to your situation.


In an individual session:

Family constellations are also performed in individual sessions. Just you and me. Together we will explore the hidden dynamics that prevent you from living your life to your full potential. You will be able discover and transform your difficulty in a completely different way, which creates a significant shift in your inner image.

Steps :

The work of Family constellations is done in 3 steps:

1. Preparatory interview

A preparatory interview, which lasts more or less 1 hour, a few days before the constellation, in my cabinet or by video chat. This interview allows above all to clarify the problem, to build your family tree and most essential, to define the result you want to achieve.

2. The day of the Constellation

The group puts itself at the service of each constellated person with respect and kindness for everyone.

As far as payment is concerned, the client often pays for his session on the day of his constellation.

3. The follow-up appointment

A follow-up appointment can take place between 1 week to a year after the constellation, depending on the needs of the client. This appointement is to answer questions that would have remained about the progress of the constellation, the choice of representatives, and the interactions that took place during the work.

This follow-up appointment allows clients to feel supported and also to discover other elements that allow them to move forward in their lives. The Dervish constellator can offer an additional key that will “accelerate” this ongoing healing process.

There are three ways in which you might experience the family constellations:

  1. You can simply attend, watching the constellations of other participants. What happens during the work of the others inevitably affects you and as a result something changes inside, an understanding develops.
  2. As a representative in a constellation. The roles which you represent are in a way personally connected to you. You are not chosen by chance. Often the experience while representing is intense and liberating. No doubt this experience will broaden your understanding of the possibilities which that method offers.
  3. Making the request yourself. This approach will allow you to either find the obstacles on your way, or a solution to your situation. This work brings relief and a feeling of stability. As a consequence your life will become better.

No. This process is about uncovering love and reconnecting and healing relationships. This is nothing to worry about. We are all connected anyway.

Being a representative in a Family constellations workshop can help you gain insight and awareness into your own situation, relationships and emotions. Many people report great shifts or awareness rising of their own situation from being a participant.

Often people who seek Family constellations had already done a lot of personal work and are seeking a deeper and more effective approach. They know that the dynamics that are in operation are deeper than they can access themselves through reflection or determination and are seeking another way that is more effective.

Family constellations are appropriate when you are really ready for a change. When you perhaps have tried many other methods or when you have reached the point where staying as you are in no longer an option.

No, Family constellations isn’t psychodrama. It deals with the entire Family system. They go into the deeper realms of the Family system and help you find the origination of the issue.