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My name is Rali. I am a Shiatsu and Family constellations practitioner. In my practice I also use EFT and Reiki. All these methods will help you find unexpected truths about yourself and the world around you. My practice and knowledge of Yoga, Do-in and Meditation as well as NLP complete a range of satisfying and effective treatment of symptoms of any kind.


My Mission

About Me

I believe it is my mission to help others to discover the steps towards a spiritual, emotional and physical balance, success and prosperity. This prosperity is attainable for everyone. You just have to go in the right direction.

Having big interest in psychology and spirituality, I constantly explore the hidden dynamics that hinder our personal fulfilment and the achievement of happiness, as well as the connection between body and soul. I have always paid special attention to the emotions and the way they affect directly our body and appear as different symptoms.

Everyone should go through his own path and everyone has the power and the potential to deal and overcome every obstacle that life brings. I only put small “arrows” on the circumstances that prevent you to live your life with meaning, harmony and prosperity.


How to choose your therapist?

When looking for a practitioner or therapist, choose him with your heart because he will reach the most hidden places of your soul and he will take out the best you are capable of. Trust him. He will be there for you for the time you need him.

Feel free to contact me, if you experience:

  • Professional or personal problems
  • Psychological or health issues
  • Repeated and unpleasant incidents
  • Anything that concerns your personality

For more information you call on 0499 828013