Family constellation therapy, also called movement of the soul, is a solution-oriented intervention that brings understanding. It works with the hidden dynamics that we were not able to find in any other conventional method. Family constellation can be used for everything: from more miner issues to severe illness.

It is an impactful therapy. It finds the root cause of our disturbances that other kind of therapies can’t touch. The foundation of this work is about how we can free ourselves from the limits of our family, or whatever groups we have grown up with.

Why people do family constellation therapy?

They have tried anything else and they still live the same patterns and attract the same kind of situations as before. Often the reasons are not held in our own energy field, or in our mental, emotional, psychological body. Actually they are held in the template of our family soul.

Many of us, in some aspect, we are not living our own fate. Literally we might live the fate of someone that we don’t even know from our ancestry. So Family constellation is about discovering exactly those hidden dynamics that pass from generation to generation. Once discovered and acknowledged what it is, can then be resolved. So the first part is to discover the dynamics of the family and the second part is to bring in resolutions.

Family constellation is rooted in the understanding that only through a deep love towards our family, and a profound acceptance of all that happened in the past, we are eventually able to leave the past behind, and to move forward in our lives. Then we have given birth to ourselves. For the first time we become the individuals we were destined to be.