According to the principle of Family constellations, we are like trees that grow and fed by three great roots: that of our ancestors, our native country and the Self.

It happens that the same problem has its origin in one or more of these roots.

1. The root of our ancestors

We are part of a family. In this family functionalities and dysfunctions perpetuate: professions, hobbies, diseases, abortions, etc. Family stories repeat from generation to generation. Family constellations reveal the secrets of our history and set us free. They put things and people back to their right places.


2. The root of our country and its culture

Our culture and beliefs push us to react to situations in a certain way. On one hand, according to our religion, we think and act in a different way from each other. On the other hand, a person, whose ancestors have lived through the war, for example, may unconsciously keep certain patterns in their behavior, such as a desire to save money, a need to move all the time, a fear of being hungry, etc.


3. The root of the Self

We all have a feminine and masculine part, also called Yin and Yang. Our personality is built up unconsciously on that of our father and our mother. We are soaked with the Yin and Yang of our parents and through them, those of their own parents, etc. This is called the Self, an unconscious mode of functioning deeply embedded in us.

When our Self is dysfunctional, a possible injury touches us in the depths of our being. Every time when we suffer, we learn a lesson that can be hurtful. To avoid the same suffering a lot of people go into protective mode and cut off everything that could provoke it. They cut off one or more parts of the Self. They lose energy and self-confidence.

Family constellations are a tool that helps us to restore these parts of the Self in order to be complete to regain its vitality.