Lack of money

Lack of money

Money! How many of you inwardly cringed at the mention of money?

Discussing money is a difficult thing for many individuals to do, however, it is an issue that desires greater attention.

Your relationship with money actually reveals much about your emotional wellbeing. Your relationship with money may be reflecting or carrying the transgenerational unresolved emotional traumas and wounds of your family system.


Do you want to continue to experience the lack of money? Or you would like to do something about it?

Discover the benefits of family constellations and find out how this method can help you.

Family constellations are a unique kind of therapy. They reveal the negative images in our unconscious mind that causes us to suffer or stay stuck in a problem.

They will show you where does this emotional relationship with money originate? What is it that you are carrying for your family system? What inner image about money needs to shift?