Problematic relationships

Problematic relationships

Are you struggling with problematic relationship patterns with friends, family or coworkers?

Do you recognize any of the following symptoms?

  • Similar, dissatisfying qualities in multiple relationships, such as frequently feeling defective, unlovable, not good enough, or afraid
  • Continually picking romantic partners, friends, or colleagues who cause the same types of difficulties in your relationships
  • Experiencing painful emotions that are triggered by your relationships
  • Using the same ineffective methods to cope with relationship problems, such as withdrawing from others, getting angry, or becoming passive


Why choose Family Constellations?

Family Constellations is a quick, gentle, effective alternative to relationship therapy. It releases blocks in our unconscious mind that limit our health, growth and happiness. Family constellations will help you see the old disruptive patterns that may be surfacing in your present relationship. Poor relationships often stem from poor connections with one or both parents or unfinished business with previous partners.

Family constellations offer a unique way of healing our inner life. After a session most people experience a gradual change in their relationships, a more peaceful feeling inside, greater acceptance of parents and other family members.