Do you feel empty, mentally and physically exhausted? Are you under extreme pressure, unable to cope, thinking that every day is a bad day? You may be very close to burnout!


What is Burnout?

Burnout is a consequence of severe stress and high pressure. It is a gradual process. The symptoms can be unnoticeable. Some of the symptoms of Burnout are:

  • Feeling helpless, overloaded and unappreciated
  • Feeling detached, alone in the world
  • A total exhaustion which manifests on physical and emotional level.
  • Physical symptoms like feeling drained, stomach pain, lower immunity might appear
  • Highly reduced performance, lack of concentration and creativity, negative thoughts, etc.
  • Indifference towards work-related or other activities
  • Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment

Without treatment, the syndrome can lead to serious medical conditions such as depression or physical illness.


Stop burnout from destroying your career or taking over your life!
Discover the benefits of Shiatsu massage!


Shiatsu is used as great support in the fight against stress, chronic fatigue and the prevention of Burnout. The treatment creates a feeling of deep peace and serenity while stimulating self-regulation and self-healing processes. It improves your general physical condition and natural resistance and it enhances body awareness.