What governs the family system?

We are not as free as we think, because we are a subject to a set of laws that govern every family system.
These laws must be considered and be respected.
When one of these laws is not respected it imbalances the whole system.
The people who are part of it feel bad, they suffer and lose their energy.


  • Life flows from the top to the bottom.
  • Children are always innocent.
  • The natural order: Those that are first (older) come first in relation to those that came later in the family (parents come before children, etc., and the first spouse comes before the second.)

Hierarchy in the family system must be respected.
Often, there is a disorder. For example, children take the role of one or more parents. Because of this, the girl has the place of the mother and the son takes the place of the father. So, nobody has its proper place, and this triggers conflicts. In the same way, between brothers and sisters, the youngest can, for example, take the place of the elder. And it also creates disputes.
When there are still-born children, miscarriages or abortions, they also have their rightful place in the hierarchy. For example, if before the oldest child there was a miscarriage or an abortion, in fact he is not the first, but the second. Thus, the hierarchy must be readjusted.

    • The balance of giving and receiving.
      In every relationship there must be a balance between giving and receiving. If one is only giving and the other does not have the right or the opportunity to give in turn, there is an imbalance that is created. If the imbalance becomes very large, the relationship ends up.
      Feeling gratitude is a great way to restore balance.

      There are some exceptions:

      * Children can never give back to parents what they have received. Balance comes when they have their own children.
      * It also concerns the teacher and the disciples. The balance comes when the disciple teaches in turn.
  • We all belong to a system, to a clan. Nobody can be excluded.
    In any system, no exclusion for any reason whatsoever is permitted; disabled or deceased children, mentally ill people, abortions, perpetrators, victims, etc. They all have their place in the family system.