Shiatsu allows us to better identify our emotions and listen to our needs. It provides real moral support that promotes openness and willingness to let go.


We hear a lot about letting go. But what does letting go mean and how can we let go?

Letting go is simply to stop trying to control everything and accept what is coming. It is to live in the present moment, without projecting into the future.

Letting go is being aware of your own limits. It is a state of harmony with oneself and everything around. It is to step back from the circumstances, whatever they are; it is the absence of calculation and control.


How to let go and how to find balance?

First we have to trust and respect ourselves. We need to develop a strong internal force to be able to let go and to change the perception we have about certain situations that we cannot control.

Relaxation exercises and shiatsu can help us to let go.

Shiatsu addresses the body as a whole, a holistic vision. It works on a physical, mental and emotional level. In addition, it releases tension and brings calm, while promoting well-being as well as balance of body and mind.

Shiatsu relieves tension and chases away the negative thoughts and emotions. It eliminates stress, anxiety and any nervous state. It brings a state of deep relaxation, teaching us to live in the present moment.

Shiatsu offers many benefits for those seeking balance and well-being.

The practice of shiatsu creates a feeling of deep peace and serenity. It stimulates the process of self-healing and improves our health and natural resistance. Not last, it soothes the mind and promotes a general sense of harmony.